Mathias Mpuuga Vows to Strengthen NUP Amidst Calls for Resignation

In a press statement addressing recent speculations and calls for his resignation, Mathias Mpuuga, former Leader of Opposition and Deputy President of the National Unity Platform (NUP), reaffirmed his commitment to the party and its mission for the country’s liberation.

Rejecting accusations of corruption and affirming his dedication to the NUP’s founding principles, Mpuuga asserted his intention to remain steadfast in his position within the party. He emphasized his role as a founder member and expressed his determination to initiate internal reforms aimed at enhancing the party’s credibility and readiness to govern.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the party and the need to regain public trust, Mpuuga emphasized the importance of mature conflict resolution mechanisms and transparent leadership. He called for accountability and urged fellow comrades to focus on constructive dialogue rather than political grandstanding.

Looking ahead, Mpuuga pledged to unveil a comprehensive plan for NUP’s reform, addressing issues such as nepotism, corruption, and lack of internal democracy. He emphasized the importance of diaspora citizens’ participation in effecting change and outlined plans for joint advocacy efforts to promote electoral reforms.

With a firm commitment to upholding integrity and advancing the cause of Uganda’s transformation, Mpuuga concluded his statement with a promise to unveil his future plans in due course, underscoring his unwavering dedication to the party’s mission.

For God and my Country.

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