President Museveni Calls on Ministers to Spread Wealth Creation Gospel Across Uganda

President Museveni has issued a challenge to his cabinet ministers, urging them to join him in spreading the gospel of wealth creation to all corners of Uganda, echoing his decades-long commitment to this transformative mission.

Addressing ministers during a guided tour of model farms in Ssembabule and Gomba districts on Friday, President Museveni reflected on the origins of his advocacy for wealth creation, dating back to the 1960s. Recounting the challenges faced in mobilizing cattle keepers to embrace commercial farming, he emphasized the gradual progress made despite historical disruptions.

While acknowledging the setbacks caused by political turmoil, including the regime of Idi Amin, President Museveni highlighted the resilience of Ugandans who embraced his message of economic empowerment. Transitioning from nomadic lifestyles to settled farming communities, many began to adopt commercial farming practices, albeit with guidance and support.

Recognizing the limitations of large-scale ranching for many cattle keepers, President Museveni championed dairy farming as a viable alternative, tailored to the realities of Uganda’s agricultural landscape. Through initiatives like the National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS), communities were empowered with knowledge and resources to embark on dairy farming ventures, leading to tangible improvements in livelihoods.

President Museveni’s vision extended beyond rhetoric, as evidenced by tangible interventions in neighboring districts like Gomba and Ssembabule. Here, efforts to diversify agricultural activities, including coffee and banana cultivation alongside dairy farming, have yielded significant strides in poverty alleviation.

Encouraging his ministers and members of the NRM Central Executive Committee to actively engage in grassroots empowerment initiatives, President Museveni emphasized the importance of collective action in driving sustainable development. By leveraging their positions of influence, ministers can play a pivotal role in extending the benefits of wealth creation to every corner of Uganda, fostering inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

As the government embarks on this renewed commitment to economic empowerment, President Museveni’s call to action serves as a rallying cry for unity and progress, echoing his enduring dedication to the upliftment of the Ugandan people.

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