Police Stand Firm: Opposition Rallies Blocked Until Law Compliance Ensured

In a decisive stance, law enforcement officials have reiterated their commitment to block rallies and mobilization tours for Uganda’s opposition National Unity Platform (NUP), citing ongoing disregard for legal protocols. Police Operation Director Frank Mwesigye underscored that until the opposition complies with established laws, their activities will remain restricted.

Mwesigye’s statement, issued on Friday, emphasized that NUP leaders were instructed to refrain from open rallies, processions, and demonstrations, instead opting for enclosed venues like town halls for meetings. Despite these directives, the opposition party persisted in flouting regulations, prompting law enforcement to intervene.

“In upholding public order, our actions are firmly grounded in legal frameworks and guiding principles,” stated Mwesigye, emphasizing the adherence to lawful procedures in policing public activities.

Recent events, including the dispersal of NUP’s mobilization rally in Kamuli on Wednesday and subsequent arrests, have heightened tensions between the opposition and law enforcement. NUP has accused the police of unfairly targeting their political activities, asserting that their rights are being violated in defiance of the law.

Contrary to these claims, police maintain that their actions are lawful and not specifically targeted at NUP. However, they underscored the party’s persistent breaches of police guidelines, which necessitate intervention to maintain public order and safety.

While tensions persist, police extended an olive branch to NUP leadership, inviting them for a meeting to align party mobilization efforts with legal requirements. This gesture aims to foster dialogue and cooperation in ensuring that political activities adhere to established laws and regulations.

As the standoff continues, the importance of upholding the rule of law and respecting democratic principles remains paramount. Law enforcement’s commitment to maintaining order must be balanced with ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights and fostering an environment conducive to peaceful political engagement

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