Prime Minister’s Office Initiates Hand Hoe Distribution in Busoga

In a bid to revitalize agriculture and uplift livelihoods in Busoga Sub-region, the Office of the Prime Minister gears up to distribute 52,746 hand hoes procured for the area in the 2022/2023 financial year.

State Minister for Luwero Triangle, Ms. Alice Kaboyo, announced in a letter dated April 30 that the distribution would encompass all 12 districts within Busoga, with a special emphasis on benefiting civilian veterans alongside the general populace.

“I will be launching the distribution of these procured hand hoes for onward distribution to selected beneficiaries on Wednesday, May 8, at 11 am at the Jinja District Headquarters,” Minister Kaboyo disclosed.

Spanning districts such as Jinja, Kamuli, Buyende, and others, Busoga has long grappled with poverty despite its agricultural potential. The distribution of hand hoes follows a similar initiative last year, where 9,468 iron sheets were allocated to the region.

Expressing commitment to the region’s prosperity, Minister Kaboyo affirmed, “The Office of the Prime Minister, through the Ministry of Luwero Triangle, is dedicated to collaborating with stakeholders to elevate Busoga to middle-income status by 2026.”

Busoga’s agricultural landscape has undergone transformations over the years, with sugarcane cultivation emerging as a dominant pursuit. However, challenges such as fluctuating cane prices and restrictive trade practices have hindered farmers’ prosperity, leading to widespread economic hardship.

Despite these hurdles, the hand hoe distribution initiative signals a renewed focus on grassroots empowerment and agricultural sustainability in Busoga. With concerted efforts from governmental bodies and community stakeholders, the region aims to reclaim its status as a thriving agricultural hub, fostering prosperity and resilience for its residents.

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