Huawei Launches Cloud Program for SMEs

In a move aimed at turbocharging the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups in Uganda, Chinese tech titan Huawei has rolled out a groundbreaking cloud program.

This initiative is designed to furnish SMEs with cloud services, technical assistance, and comprehensive training, fortifying their capacities and arming startups with the arsenal needed to propel their ventures forward. The unveiling of this program took place at the Huawei Cloud Enterprise Innovation and SME Summit, hosted at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel Kampala, resonating under the theme “Unleash the Power of Startups.”

Sunrise Xie, the Managing Director of Huawei Uganda, hailed the program as a pivotal milestone for cloud services in Uganda. “For over two decades, Huawei has been at the forefront of Uganda’s digital revolution, and the cloud program marks yet another stride towards driving digital transformation. Our aim is to empower startups and SMEs nationwide through this innovative program,” Xie remarked.

Recognizing SMEs as fundamental engines of Uganda’s progress, Xie emphasized the imperative of tapping into the abundant opportunities available. “The Huawei Cloud program will enable startups to harness Huawei’s cutting-edge services in an era where cloud computing stands as a catalyst for innovation,” he added.

Kin Kariisa, CEO of The Next Media Group, underscored the significance of cloud computing for businesses across various sectors. “Cloud computing, as proposed by Huawei, has proven instrumental for many, including us in the media industry. Solutions like Afro Mobile, powered by cloud computing, address our storage needs efficiently and economically,” Kariisa elucidated.

Highlighting the advantages of cloud computing over traditional data center investments, Kariisa emphasized its importance not only for private enterprises but also for governmental entities. “Cloud computing not only optimizes operations for private businesses but is also a game-changer for governmental bodies, offering substantial cost savings compared to establishing individual data centers,” he emphasized.

Lukia Isanga Nakadama, the third Deputy Prime Minister, lauded Huawei for its contribution to Uganda’s digital transformation agenda. “The Huawei Cloud program underscores the pivotal role of digital transformation in job creation and economic growth, particularly for SMEs. With this innovative program, SMEs can harness digital solutions to flourish, thereby shaping the nation’s future,” Nakadama commended.

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