Remembering Mayor Omushaho: Dr. Pius Ruhemurana’s Legacy of Service and Advocacy

In the heart of Kabale and the Greater Kigezi region, they knew him as “Mayor” and “Omushaho” – a man whose smile endured even amidst frustration, and whose belief in Dr. Kizza Besigye rivaled his faith in his medical stethoscope.

Dr. Pius Ruhemurana, a distinguished gynaecologist, wasn’t just a practitioner of medicine; he was a stalwart of community service and sociopolitical activism, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of many in Kabale and beyond.

After two years of battling complications from a stroke, Dr. Ruhemurana peacefully closed his eyes on Tuesday morning, leaving behind a legacy of unwavering commitment to his people.

Dr. Besigye, four-time presidential candidate and founding member of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), mourned the passing of this “veteran democracy activist and leader,” acknowledging the profound loss felt not only by Kigezi but by Uganda as a whole.

In Kabale, tributes poured in as Dr. Ruhemurana’s body was honored at the Municipal Council Hall. Lydia Turyahumura, Kabale FDC-Katonga faction leader, fondly remembered him as a mobilizer and leader, highlighting his pivotal role in advancing the party’s agenda and prioritizing service delivery during his tenure as mayor.

Dr. Joseph Tindyebwa, former FDC deputy secretary-general, echoed these sentiments, praising Dr. Ruhemurana’s fearlessness in advocating for political reforms and his unwavering commitment to good governance.

As a lion and hero of Kigezi, Dr. Ruhemurana’s integrity and dedication to serving the people earned him respect and admiration. Leaders like Ali Karama remembered him as a champion of development and a staunch opponent of corruption.

Even after losing his mayoral seat, Dr. Ruhemurana remained steadfast in his principles, continuing to serve his community and contribute to the FDC’s mission.

Through his political and professional endeavors, Dr. Ruhemurana embodied dedication and honesty, advocating tirelessly for the betterment of Kabale and its residents.

As we bid farewell to Mayor Omushaho, let us honor his legacy by upholding the values of integrity, service, and advocacy he held dear. Dr. Pius Ruhemurana may have closed his eyes, but his spirit of resilience and commitment to his people will forever live on in the hearts of those he touched

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