Legal Showdown: Tupac Estate Threatens Drake Over AI-Generated Track

In a brewing legal battle, Tupac Shakur’s estate has issued a stern warning to Drake, demanding the removal of a track featuring an AI-generated rendition of the late rapper’s voice or face legal consequences.

Drake dropped the controversial song “Taylor Made Freestyle” on his Instagram page, targeting Kendrick Lamar with diss verses seemingly performed by AI replicas of Shakur and Snoop Dogg. However, the move sparked immediate backlash from Shakur’s estate, prompting them to serve Drake with a cease-and-desist letter, as reported by Sky News’ US partner NBC News.

In the letter, Howard King, the attorney representing Shakur’s estate, gave Drake until midday Thursday to confirm the removal of the track from all public platforms. Failure to comply would lead the estate to “pursue all of its legal remedies” against the Canadian rapper.

Describing the song as a blatant violation of Shakur’s rights and an exploitation of his legacy, King emphasized that the estate would never have authorized such use. Moreover, the estate expressed disappointment in the song’s subject matter, particularly targeting Kendrick Lamar, whom they consider a friend and respectful advocate of Tupac’s legacy.

The track features AI-generated lines purportedly from Shakur, urging Lamar to respond to Drake’s previous diss track. The estate asserted that the track’s popularity creates a false impression that they endorse its content.

In addition to demanding the removal of the track, Shakur’s estate is seeking damages, including all profits generated from the song, posted solely on Drake’s Instagram page. They also seek compensation for the significant economic and reputational harm caused by the track’s release.

As the legal drama unfolds, the music industry watches closely, anticipating the resolution of this high-profile dispute between two titans of hip-hop.

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