Land Justice Prevails: High Court Orders Eviction in Serere Land Dispute

In a landmark ruling, the High Court in Soroti has issued a critical additional order in the longstanding dispute over a 150-acre parcel of land in Serere involving human rights activist Moses Omiat and Serere District Local Government.

The fresh order mandates the eviction of Serere District Local Government from Omiat’s land, granting him vacant possession. This decisive move follows earlier rulings by the court affirming Omiat as the rightful customary owner of the contested land in Kasilo Village, Kamod Parish, Bugondo Sub-county in Serere District.

Justice Henry Peter Adonyo, presiding over the case, emphasized the eviction order against all defendants, compelling Serere District Local Government and four others to vacate the land. The court’s directive aims to rectify oversights in previous judgments, ensuring Omiat’s rightful ownership is upheld.

The protracted legal battle, initiated by Omiat in 2016, culminated in a six-year litigation process that affirmed his familial inheritance rights to the land. In addition to the eviction order, the court has ordered compensation totaling Shs250 million, holding the defendants accountable for encroachment and economic exploitation of Omiat’s property.

Despite these legal victories, Omiat continues to face challenges, with reports of ongoing tree cutting for charcoal and brickmaking on his land. Allegations of assault and property destruction persist, prompting concerns over law enforcement’s effectiveness in addressing criminal trespass.

Omiat’s steadfast pursuit of justice underscores the complexities of land disputes in Uganda, with broader implications for property rights and community welfare. As the legal battle unfolds, the High Court’s decisive intervention marks a pivotal moment in the quest for land justice and human rights protection in Serere District.

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