Drama Unfolds: Soroti Bank Incident Reveals Intrigue

In a turn of events that captured the attention of Soroti City residents, what initially appeared to be a bank robbery unfolded into a scene of intrigue and uncertainty at Equity Bank today.

The tranquility of the town was shattered as a massive security operation, involving both UPDF and police forces, descended upon the bank premises, sparking tension and speculation among onlookers.

Initial reports suggested that a group of robbers had breached the bank’s security, prompting swift action from authorities. As security forces moved to contain the situation, traffic congestion gripped the main streets of Soroti, disrupting the normal flow of daily life.

However, the unfolding drama took an unexpected twist as it was revealed that no intruders had breached the bank. Instead, attention turned to a security officer on duty, who found themselves under intense interrogation by security personnel.

The incident left residents and bystanders puzzled, with lingering questions about what truly transpired at Equity Bank. As investigations continue, the episode serves as a reminder of the unpredictability of urban life and the importance of swift and decisive action in maintaining public safety

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