Rema’s “Calm Down” Hits Record Highs as Africa’s Best-Selling Song

Rema’s international hit single, “Calm Down,” has become Africa’s best-selling song, reaching extraordinary milestones worldwide and earning numerous platinum and diamond certifications. With over 16 million sales, the Afrobeat sensation is setting new records and taking the music industry by storm.

“Calm Down” boasts remarkable achievements across various countries and continents. In India, the song has reached 13x Platinum status, with over 1.56 million sales, while also attaining Diamond certification in Canada with 800,000 sales. The track has made waves in Australia, achieving 8x Platinum certification with 560,000 sales, and is 7x Platinum in Portugal with 70,000 sales.

The United States has also embraced “Calm Down,” awarding it 4x Platinum status for 4 million sales, while it has also garnered Platinum certifications in several other countries, including the UK, Nigeria, and Italy.

France has been particularly welcoming to Rema’s hit, granting it Diamond certification with over 2.33 million sales, while Brazil has given it 3x Diamond status with 480,000 sales.

Rema’s influence extends beyond “Calm Down” as other tracks such as “Dumebi,” “Soundgasm,” and “Charm” also continue to make waves internationally, earning certifications in various countries. His album, Rave & Roses, is achieving Platinum status in numerous markets, such as France, Canada, and Switzerland.

The unprecedented success of “Calm Down” highlights the global appeal of Rema’s music and the growing influence of African artists on the world stage. As he continues to break records and gain new fans worldwide, Rema’s impact on the music industry is undeniable.

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